Protect YourselfBefore it's too late!

We don't know when the Zombie Apocalypse is coming but we do know everyone should enroll in a health insurance plan between November 15, 2014 and February 15, 2015. You could face a financial penalty if you don't have health insurance. Besides, it is your best protection against zombies and other unforeseen pandemics. If you get coverage through your employer, independently, or through Medicare or Medicaid, you already meet the requirement. If you don't have insurance, you need to enroll before February 15, 2015. Do it! We don't want to you become a Zombie!

Already a zombie? You're covered!

If you have ANY pre-existing condition including being or acting like a Zombie, insurance companies can no longer turn you down or make you pay more. Everyone is guaranteed coverage, even the undead. Although there isn't much we can do for you in that state.

Write it off before it falls off!

Many of uninsured Coloradans and Zombies alike are eligible for Premium Tax Credits! That is financial help to pay for the insurance. Don't miss this tasty opportunity. If you are a family of four making $94,200 or less, or an individual making $45,960 or less, you could qualify. If you do qualify at least it won't cost you... your arm and leg.


Don't become
a Single Zombie.

(you'll be lonely)

Don't become
a Family of Zombies.

(no one one will invite you to BBQ's)

Don't become a Boss Zombie with worker Zombies.

(it's very un-professional)

Don't retire and become a Zombie

(although the thought of slowing down is appealing)

Admit it,You're a prepper...

And you want to know more.